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A Clan Cunningham Historical Introduction

Predating the 11th century, the roots of the Cunningham surname sprang from the ancient District of Cuninghame in the lowlands of Scotland covering a vast area roughly from the Clyde River in the North, southward to the city of Ayre, bordered by the Firth of Clyde to the West, eastward to Glasgow. In subsequent centuries Cunninghams have spread around the globe, settling in such diverse areas as South Africa, down under in Australia and New Zealand, all across Europe, and North & South America where we keep in constant touch with our friends, family, and members through email and our full-color quarterly international newsletter, The Cunningham Communiqué.

It is our mission to connect with our kith and kin, and share the heritage which binds together our relatives and acquaintances scattered far and wide. Some of that history defined what it meant to be a Cunningham during those 800 glory years of Scottish history when our distinguished and honourable Clan was at its peak. We also invite you to join us in our modern era as we celebrate the Glencairn legacy in activities and programs which we continually plan in America, Scotland, France and Ireland to explore, discover, and pass this on to the next generation of our extended world-wide family.

We think you will find this site to be a wonderful resource for all Cunninghams. Our website is rich with valuable information about Clan Cunningham history and genealogy. In addition, you can learn about upcoming Scottish festivals that the Clan Cunningham Society will be attending, in addition to learning more about the substantive projects Clan Cunningham Society currently has underway. A great deal more is available to Clan Cunningham Society members, so we encourage you to join today

Clan Cunningham Society of America, Inc. (CCSA) is the oldest and the largest Clan Cunningham organization in the world. For three decades Clan Cunningham Society has worked hard to preserve, discover, restore, document, and share our rich Cunningham heritage. With an ever-expanding world-wide membership of 1,154, Clan Cunningham Society continues to embark on many new programs and projects, forging ahead into the 21st century with a clear and dynamic vision to promote all the best of what it means to be a Cunningham descendent.

If you are seeking the foremost resource, and representative, for the Glencairn Earls and their direct line of successful Cunningham chiefs who brought honor, esteem and prestige to that name for eight centuries in Scotland, you have come to the right place. As the leader of our society, who takes our noble ancestor's legacy seriously, I place a high value on integrity and accomplishment, holding myself and our society to high standards. We "aim high," aspiring to emmulate the honor of the Glencairn line in all our affairs. We strive for excellence with the passion of our race, such pursuits being their own reward.

We welcome you to join Clan Cunningham and be a part of the exciting

Clan Cunningham Society has the distinction of being the only Clan Cunningham organization in America formed upon the advice and blessing of the Office of the Lord Lyon King of Arms in Scotland. This honor was extended to Clan Cunningham Society in 1984 and it was upon the recommendation of the Lord Lyon's Office that we adopted our name "Clan Cunningham Society of America." CCSA is non-political, non-sectarian and operates as a nonprofit corporation.

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    Clan Cunningham Society News


    Our July 15, 2019 quarterly Clan Cunningham Communiqué newsletter went out to our current members world-wide this weekend to include Norway, France, South Africa, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and of course the US of A.

    A warm Clan Cunningham welcome goes out to our latest members on February 6, Nancy and Michael Poe of Florida and February 16, Chris and Helen Cunningham of Shallow Lake, Ontario, Canada; in March we have six new members to whom we pass along a warm Cunningham welcome: Neil Davis, John & Sharon Cunningham, David Hemphill, Michele Butler, Nici Mahlandt and Lee Baker; in April we welcomed new members Michaele and William Swiderski, in May Celinda and Robert Current, in June Peter Elza, in July Ryan and Ashley Cunningham and their three children, in August John Cunningham from Alabama, Greg Cunningham of Virginia as our latest Lifetime Member, Daniel and Pamela Cunningham of South Carolina and in September so far Jessa and Chris Pocoroba along with their three children from California, and Ragan Cunningham from Vermont! Thank you all for your interest in, and your support of the Clan Cunningham Society 'of America' and all our Cunningham members around the entire globe since 1984!  


    The July 15, 2019 newsletter went out for the 74th consecutive issue in a row, published and mailed to our current members world-wide; with our October issue already in the works!


    The July issue of our quarterly Clan Cunningham Communiqué newsletter went out to our worldwide members for the 74th consecutive issue in a row beginning in April 2001!

    It has featured the most comprehensive, in-depth research and analysis on the historical, genealogical, and ancient origins and evolution of the Cunningham name and clan by Dr. Derek Cunningham for six years. Included below are two excerps from the Oct 2016 issue revealing a glimpse of the groundbreaking discoveries he has uncovered; including his subsequent analytical postulations to be logically drawn from them: 

    "Here I always thought that the high station of King Malcolm Canmore's children appeared entirely at odds with standard English historical interpretations of the Scottish kings, who are generally considered insignificant in European history. So I quickly realized that to solve Clan Cunningham's history I would have to rewrite 11th century history, and that is what I will now do by simply using the coat of arms of ..." 

     "Now at this point, I want to point out an intriquing and largely unexplained part of European history, and that is, why King Malcolm's daughters were so sought after by the most powerful families in mainland Europe." 

    These recent revelations will arrive in our members postal mail during the next few days. If you wish to renew your memberships - or wish to receive our October issue through a new membership - simply click on this link and submit your request on our Membership page through PayPal or via snail mail.

    [MEMBERS: Due to space limitations in the October 2016 newsletter, no "2017 Membership Renewal Form" was included in that issue. Please mail your checks or use the PayPal "link" in the paragraph immediately above for your 2017 renewals. Thank you!]


    Clan Cunningham completed a major technical achievement on August 20, by transferring its Clan Cunningham Global web site to our new virtual server on the Cloud.

    On August 22, our advanced Clan Cunningham web site - where you are currently browsing - was also brought online on our Cloud server managed exclusive by Clan Cunningham.

    And on August 28, our online genealogical database was made available on the Cloud 24/7 for the convenience of our current dues-paying members of Clan Cunningham with 25,839 Clan Cunningham genealogical entries which was originally conceived, designed, and implemented by two of our Cunningham members back in 2003.

    We thank our current members for their loyal support which has enabled Clan Cunningham under the dedicated leadership of our High Commissioner and Chairman, Larry Augsbury, since 2001, to consistently and reliably continue to pursue its commitment of excellence in service to our world-wide members and to the distinguished legacy of the Cunningham Clan.


    The dormant Earldom of Glencairn, but NEW  Cunningham Chief! 

    Triennial General Membership meeting, Friday evening, May 28, 2010, in conjunction with the Greenville, SC Festival - including festival photos

    2010 Tartan Day Commemoration in France


    US Olympic Curling Trials, February 28, 2009 in Broomfield Colorado

    2009 Colorado Tartan Day CCSA Kilted/Tartan Ski Day on April 4th

    Homecoming Scotland 2009 - MAUCHLINE

    Announcing the CLAN CUNNINGHAM TOUR of historical
    Clan Cunningham sites in France and Ireland in 2009


    CCSA High Commissioner-Larry Augsbury (left) and CCSA member, artist, and sculptor extroidinaire-Lynn Forest Cunningham.
    Lynn Forest Cunningham, Artist - Sculptor Extraordinaire!

    Lynn F. Cunningham III has been an artist as long as anyone can remember. His father Lynn is the CCSA Wyoming State Commissioner who has also co-hosted Cunningham hospitality tents across Colorado since 1999. Thus named, his son often goes by his middle name Forest to avoid confusion. Born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Forest resides in the family cabin nestled at 9,000 feet elevation in the Snowy Range chain of mountains of South-Eastern Wyoming.
    Forest recounts from the 2007 Longs Peak Scottish Festival in Estes Park, CO, "My father and I had to chuckle one day when Larry turned to me and queried, 'So Forest, do you know anybody who's good with a chain saw?" And thus the seed of the Rampant Unicorn sculpture from the trunk of a giant Cottonwood tree in Larry's front yard was germinated. Shown here, at left, on the summer solstice, June 20, 2008, is Forest and Lorcàn le Rouge at project completion.
    Forest, his work, and the progress through completion of the unicorn project "Lorcàn le Rouge" ('Lorcàn' is Gaelic for fierce - and 'le Rouge' is French for 'the Red' ~ thus, Lorcàn the Red) will be featured in the July 15th Communiqué, CCSA's newsletter! For more information you can reach Forest in Wyoming at (307) 742-7426.


    CLICK HERE for the full image.
    Longs Peak Festival Clans Coordinator, Kent Woodward, presents the Clan Champion trophy to our High Commissioner of Clan Cunningham, Larry Augsbury. Left to right: Val and Chris Cunningham, Kent Woodward, (Lynn) Forest Cunningham, Larry Augsbury-High Commissioner, and Lynn Cunningham-Wyoming Commissioner.

    Come and visit our Clan Cunningham hospitality tent at a festival in your area. To see if we are in your area this year, check our festival listings on our FESTIVALS page under the ABOUT CCSA menu tab above. If we're not in your area, would you like to host?


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    First Clan Cunningham Gathering In Scotland In Over 250 Years

    Members of Clan Cunningham Society from the U.S., Scotland and France gathered together with their British cousins from the newly formed Society of the Earl of Glencairn of Cunningham at Balgonie Castle, Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2003 to celebrate the ties that bind this ancient Clan of Scots together.  

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